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Painted Flowers - My Acrylic Art Journey

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Mysterious Painter

You might not believe this story, but it's true and one for the books! A really interesting part of my journey, even if I didn't realize its significance back then. You see, years ago my mom and I went to this very kind woman's home and she told us about her artwork and how God inspires each individual piece she creates. Now the crazy thing is, we don't remember who she is, how wet met her, or really any of the logistical details surrounding this night. (I'm sure someone out there is probably like, "Hey girl, that's my friend Sue, and I introduced you! If that's you, holler.) But for the life of us, we can't remember how we ended up there. And Sue? That's a made up name I gave her since well..we can't remember her real name. Oh, the shame! But we do remember one thing, and that's her amazing story.

God Draws Out The Best

As this sweet woman pulled out her pieces, some of the most gorgeous we had ever seen, we were dumbfounded. She told us that God would inspire a picture in her mind, which she would masterfully bring to life on paper. The women she painted were the women of the Bible! Think Rebekah, Esther, Mary, all of the greats. Oh, and for heaven's sake, the picture we're holding is a painting I made at her house, not hers! If you look in the top left of this image, you can see one of her masterpieces hanging on the wall. She was kind enough to get out her paints and let me try my hand at it. My task? To create a self-portrait. And I think we can all agree - this girl (me) shouldn't be painting portraits! At least, not if they look like this. But my portrait aside, my mom and I were in awe of this woman, her amazing talent, and our evening spent with her. Now, you're probably asking yourself, "So what does this have to do with you, Lacy?" I'll tell you next.

Abstract Flowers Set The Scene

The reason we had this meeting is because I wanted to be a painter. But how did I even come up with this crazy idea? Because as far as I knew then (August 2013) I had no artistic talent, except for photography. In fact, I'd gone my whole life thinking I had no talent. Zero, zilch, nada. So what made me think this meeting was worth having? I honestly don't know. In fact, I don't remember painting much before our time together and it wouldn't be another 5 years, until I began painting again. But years later, I can see how God used this time to plant a seed in my heart. In fact, I'm pretty sure this woman even prayed for me at the end of our meeting that God would reveal my talents. If God could inspire her work, maybe He could inspire mine? And you know what, in July 2019, He did! All of a sudden, something just clicked! It was as if God had downloaded this new passion and skill set I didn't have before. When I'd splat acrylic paint on the paper and swirl abstract flowers into being, my eyes were met with something fanciful and beautiful. Nature my muse and God the secret weapon of my talent.

Painted Flowers Bring New Meaning

So what's next? Well, honestly I don't know. All I know is that creating abstract flower paintings has brought me so much joy! It's opened up new possibilities within my heart and filled me with so much gratitude for God's goodness. I wanted to be a painter and gosh darn it, God met me where I was at and exceedingly poured out His blessings. I'll keep creating, dreaming, sharing, and thanking my Heavenly Father for this sweet gift. He's a good Dad and the BEST gift giver! Oh, and hey...if there's something you long for in your heart, ask Him! It took years for me to uncover this gift, this treasure..but He did. God is good!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadows. -James 1:17

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