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Introducing: Lulu & Emmy!

Two Brand New Abstract Acrylic Art Pieces


Fuchsia, black, and lime...oh my!

Acrylic? Yes. Watercolor? You got it! Pen? Always. Lulu is seriously spunky. I remember the night I made this one. It was a warm evening in late spring. And I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I was sitting on the slab of concrete in front of our house wrist deep in paint, and jamming to some seriously sweet tunes (90's alternative, no doubt!). No expectations. Just creative bliss. Oh, and a really pretty sunset.

Confession time: I never know what I'm going to paint before I paint it. Like no idea. I recently heard an artist that I admire, Janet Skates, describe herself as an intuitive painter. I love that description! She's playful and lets the creative process guide her. That's how I like to see myself and how I like to paint.

My go to? Grabbing the colors that call out to me and basically just finger painting until it feels right! Sometimes I use a paint brush, or a q-tip, but when I'm at my best - I'm using my hands! Getting messy and painting without any expectations of how it's going to turn out usually ends in the best results. And so what if it sucks? To create something worthwhile, I think you really have to be okay with failure. Success and failure go hand in hand. Trying over and over again until you grow. Don't you think?

So here's Lulu! A piece that wasn't created from a place of longing but from a place of freedom and enjoyment. I think that's what makes this one shine and I hope you like it as much as I do.


Ahhh Emmy. A bit of fire and ice, if you ask me. This summer has been wildly exciting and trying at the same time.

Some moments I felt like I could do anything. Our marketing business has been running extremely well and we have many dreams and aspirations for the near future. Anything felt possible.

But in the midst of all the good, we've encountered a lot of tough times too. Like the most bizarre situations ever. But you gotta keep fighting, believing, rolling with the punches, and laughing when things feel silly.

I think Emmy's a good reminder of that for me. There's going to be fire and ice.

Beauty and pain. Laughter and sadness. But life's a blessing and a beautiful adventure!

So that's it, folks! I hope you like my two new abstract acrylic art pieces. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for supporting my creative endeavors by doing so. May your day and your life be as beautiful as ever! Love, Lace P.S. I'd love to hear which one you connect with the most! Feedback is fun! Leave a comment below, if you're feeling up for it. :)

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