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2021 Wasn't Always Sunshine & Rainbows...

But then again, it really really was! My newest piece + my favorite moments of the year!

Sweet April

I had a few really challenging months this year. I let the fear of the unknown (ahem...pandemic) get to me. Not to mention a lot of other things. It wasn't a great time. But at the end of that rough patch..I created this. It felt like the turning of the page - it brought me life!

No other name seemed quite as fitting as April, for it. It's just the perfect representation of rebirth. You know, spring and all. Not to mention it's the month I was born. I've always had a love for April. Such a sweet, springy, girly month! haha Can a month feel girly or is it just me?

I won't get into all the details of what had gotten me down - but this year really was spectacular despite it! Even during a freaking pandemic. Even during perceived rejection, feeling stuck, having anxiety, multiple bouts of food poisoning (comes with the territory), and wrestling with so many decisions...freaking spectacular. When I look back on this time & even at this painting - that's what I'm going to remember. Life well lived despite hardship! And trust me - I realize I have it so easy & that I'm incredibly blessed...but I still have my highs and lows. So here are a few of my favorite moments. Moments where I felt more alive than ever. Where Josh was there for me despite my weepyness. Where I learned about myself and grew. Where I was surrounded by people I Love. And where God turned sucky situations into amazing ones. He also protected me, healed me, provided for me, and even gave me rainbows as a sign of His promises (in three very meaningful & special moments) along the way. He's just that good.

So here they are, a few of my favorite moments in 2021:

In January I declared this year to be a year of bounty. And it really really was, and in so many ways too! I have this sense that 2022 will be "the year of new." So I'm excited to see what that means & all that God has in store for us. :)

May your 2022 be blessed and full of life, love, healing, & wholeness.

In the meantime, I hope you have the very best Christmas!

Lots of love, Lacy

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