Quick Facts:

I'm Lacy! My friends call me Lace :) 

I'm married to the very best dude around, Josh! 11+ yrs.

I love to travel. My favorite destinations sooo far:

  • Granada, Spain

  • Petra, Jordan

  • Agra, India

  • Oaxaca, Mexico

I'm obsessed with baby names. Haven't decided to have kids yet (sorry Darly & Belitz!) but you can bet I have names for them!

I'm torn between living in Spain & having a ranch in the good old Midwest.
Can't I have it all??

Currently obsessed with the colors blue & orange.

(But don't get confused..

I'm a CHIEFS fan through and through.)

I love Jesus & want to change the world!

My Enneagram: 4w3

  • I'm a sensitive soul

  • Love to express myself

  • Can't get enough of nature
    (I especially heart flowers!)

  • Aim to achieve

  • Like to make pretty things

  • & yearn for lasting significance

Ohhhh, and I'm a major goof! No hiding that, friends.